TV Hero from Christy Chan on Vimeo.

A practice shoot using the robes I ordered for the longer film. During my research, by coincidence, I realized the old 80’s show Knight Rider had the same name as the Klan (the original knight riders) Seemed like a good excuse to try out the robes and see what shooting in east bay could be like.

The kit car was a real stunt car borrowed by a car a afficionado in the bay area. Enjoy!

Director / Artist: Christy Chan
Cinematographer: Keith Wilson
Assistant Director: Linda Hoecker
Klansman: D. Crane
Actors: Janine deBoisblanc, Mary Cognat
Production Assistant: Paul Taylor
Production Assistant: Kendra Gilpatrick
Car Expert: Manuel Amador
Wardrobe Assistant: Stevie Cater

Filmed in Oakland & Berkeley.